How to Start and Succeed As a Dog Breeder

Globally, the dog is acknowledged as man’s best friend. What this means is that the world desires dogs today and will continue to do so indefinitely. Since everybody craves a good dog, the demand for dogs can only keep growing and getting into dog breeding, either as a hobby or for profit, is a really swell idea.

With the global use of the internet to carry out transactions, succeeding in the dog breeding business today is much easier than it was in the past. As a dog breeder, you’ll easily get in touch with other breeders globally to get ideas, look for semen or even to look for markets. It is therefore possible to have your dog breeding business on continental Europe or Africa while your market is in the US.


The requirements for a dog breeding business could be very comprehensive or actually very basic. If you are a hobbyist, you might consider starting off with just two dogs, a male and a female, and to do it at home. You could even start with one female and decide to source for semen from other sources. Whether you start big or small, you need to know the dog breed you are keen on and study it intensively. Needless to say, different dog breeds have varying requirements and this will ultimately influence the amount of time and money you will spend.

To be a successful dog breeder, make sure that you are operating within the law. Does your city or county require special licenses for dog breeders? What kinds of structures are accepted for the housing of the dogs? On top of this, find out about insurance requirements. Even when the local laws do not make insurance mandatory, consider negotiating some insurance with a local firm to help cover you in the unfortunate event that your dogs fall ill or die or even hurt people. While the capital outlay required to start a dog breeding business will be influenced greatly by the number of dogs you intend to keep, it is extremely important that you work with a vet to help you decide the amount of money you’ll need.

While you might have an idea about the food requirements, only a vet can tell you with certainty the kind of vet care and vaccines a certain breed will require. Above everything else, you must have a passion for dogs to succeed as a breeder. Build on that passion by studying and researching as widely as possible about the breeds you are interested in and also consider joining other breeders in your area or joining an internet forum.